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4920 MMR (Divine-3)  

All accounts on the website -you can buy, they are available.
Payment through cardpay (VISA/MC) -no fee or VAT, PayPal (50$ max payment + fee) or BTC.
To purchase an account, click on the BUY button, enter Your email.
Details will be sent to email after payment 1-5 minutes automaticaly. (Try TEST PURCHASE).
If you do not receive the email, then go to My Purchases in the top menu (use Email to login and see your purchase).
The service is completely automated. There are no problems, because we sold thousands accounts.
For customers problems -contact via online chat or OPLATA.INFO. Need guarantees?
1st payment method:

2nd payment method:

3rd payment method:
4920 MMR (Divine-3)

Additional Information:

After payment, you get a text file:
1. The login and password from Email.
2. The username and password from the Steam account.

Details will shown after pay and will be sent to PayPal email Immediately.
If you do not receive the email, then go to (use PayPal Email for login to see your purchase).

Customer support via online chat site: Mon-Sat 4pm-11pm UTC.
All accounts are absolutely legal. It's not stolen.
Accounts carefully checked, the description corresponds to reality.
For 2 years we have sold more than 7000 accounts.We recommend.
Warranty and Returns
On all accounts Dota 2 warranty 14 days.
After payment data from the account will be immediately sent to your specified email.

No extra fees and taxes.
Please note that the payment will pass through billing and you can see that the price is in rubles (RUB). Don't worry about it!
All currencies accepted at the exchange rate of Your Bank.
If the payment fails, the money is 100% back to your account back.
Debit and Credit cards is accepted.
Any country's and currency.