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All accounts are delivered immediately after payment.
We have sold thousands accounts in automatic mode.

Below I will explain what is a common problem:

1) Steam account is automatically sent to the Email you provided (Paypal Email). If You do not have access to Email address of your Paypal then the account can be sent only by the administrator manually.

2) Check the spam folder of your e-mail.

3) Even if you do not receive the email with the steam account, it will be available on this website: (You can log in there, using the email address which was specified before payment).

Please do not rush when buying. Try a test purchase ( ) to see how to pass the payment process and receive an account on our website.

[via online chat]

You can submit your question via an online chat on the website.

[use My Purchase Service]

If you do not receive the email, then go to My Purchases in the top menu (use PayPal Email for login to see your purchase).
The service is completely automated. There are no problems, because we sold thousands accounts.
For customers problems -contact via online chat or OPLATA.INFO.