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Dota 2 MMR FAQ

[What is MMR?]

MMR in Dota 2 serves as a criterion for the selection of players with the same rating as you have. A lot of players are playing in the range of 3000-4300 MMR (solo rating). The higher the rating, the stronger your teammates and enemies are. You get more experience, higher understanding of the game and other useful knowledge.

[Will I be able to play along with PRO-players, for example, if I have an account with 4800 MMR?]

YES, it is very much possible. According to the statistics, only 14% of the players have the rating from 4500 and above (see on the graph on the main page). Considering that the PRO-players are rated in the range from 5500 to 6200 MMR, and that there is a very little chance that all these accounts are searching a game at the same time. The system is forced to choose accounts with "closest" ratings.
If you have been watvhing the streams of PRO-players, you could see that in the end of the match table shows MMR of each player. And you can see how often players with MMR around 4800 are able get caught in one team with 5500 MMR and above.
On the other hand at the range of 3000 to 4200 MMR accounts are often selected with small difference in 100-300 points.

[How important are the amount of games played and winrate in Dota2 ranked matchmaking?]

Winrate indicator (win/lose percent) and the number of games is important only for self esteem. These stats are ignored in MMR games.

[Whats is KDA?]

K/D/A is the coefficient of usefulness in the game, this value affects the calculation of your MMR rating as long as it is not assigned to the account.
Here is how to calculate this value: K+A/D, where "K" is the number of kills in the game, "D" - number of deaths, "A" - number of assists. For example, you finished the match, made 8 kills, died 4 times, 12 times participated in the killings - your KDA is (8+12)/4=5, what is good enough.

[How to make an account with high MMR?]

You have to play around 40-50 games with high KDA-rate and pass through 10 solo calibrating games. Example: If the first game before calibration you played was in the range of 3000 MMR then you win 10 calibrating games with 5-10 KDA at the end, you will get an account not more than 4200-4500 MMR. In order to get higher rating, you should play at 4200 MMR level starting from the first game and play exceptionally good ALL the calibrating games. Only then you will get an account with 5000+ MMR.
The fact is that 10 calibrating games can get you no more than 1500 MMR rating extra(as practice shows). Example: If you have 3000 before calibrating games, it means that you can't get an account higher than 4500.

MMR depends on 40-60% from the first games (from 1 to 13 level) and 40-60% from 10 calibrating games respectively, after which you get your MMR. Thereofre, you would have to spend around 4-5 days playing some hardcore skillfull games.
Highest Solo MMR, which can be obtained after calibration, after nerf is limited by ~5450 points (2014 year) and now it is ~4700-4800 mmr. The other points are obtained by winnings with ~25 points per match (this is an approximation for average values of MMR).

Important: don't try to fool yourself! If Your personal solo rating is now in the range 2500-3500, you will not be able to make the account more than 4500 MMR. Don't waste your time. Accounts with 4500 solo mmr and above could be created by players whose current real skill is determined by the rating 4800 and above. You should know that your skill would increase over some time. And you can increase your skill considerably faster by playing Party MatchMaking with more experienced players or by playing solo on an account with high MMR.

Regardless what people say, in 90% of cases Solo MMR now really reflects skill level of the player. The one who calls his teammate a "NOOB" (who, incidentally, is playing at the same MMR-border) - has simply forgotten how to play at 1000 points MMR lower. The opposite is true as well: try to play 3-4 games on the rating +800 from yours, and you will start feeling yourself worthless, helpless in your team, and there would be noone else to blame.

[What is the impact of a Team game on Solo MMR?]

The Team Ranked games only affect the Party MMR, and do not affect Solo MMR

[What is the difference between 4500 and 4800 Solo MMR?]

The difference is significant enough, in fact 300 points for a good player, whose winrate is equal to 55% that is about 110-120 ranked games.
However, since 4800-4900 MMR, the real experience of the players is increasing strongly, and increasing of your MMR becomes more difficult - you have to do your best. In other words, the difference is much more noticeable with the growth of MMR.

[My MMR is 3200-3600 now - what am I going to see in the game, for example, at 4500 MMR ?]

In comparison with 3500 MMR, 4500 level would have much more friendly players - supports really do their role, they don't take creeps on the lane from carry. They buy the wards, courrier, dusts/sentries from the first minute of the game if the enemy team has invisible hero. And most inportantly they would not "Touch your mother". However, you still can occasionally get together with impolite and rude players, but the chances are much lower than in below 4000 MMR games.

[Where do we get these accounts?]

Most of You play Dota 2 just for fun and you are doing it for free.
A small proportion of people are playing very well. They play for fun and for the sake of victory.
Among them there are some who thought, if they spend a lot of time in the game, why not get a little reward for that?
For the month one such player creates 3-5 accounts from the sscratch, And we help them to find a reliable buyer, who wants to play at high MMR.